1st year Elective Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023

The 1st Year Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023 for the 11th class examination conducted by the Punjab Board is a valuable resource for students preparing for their upcoming exams. This scheme provides a structured outline of the paper pattern, helping students understand the distribution of marks across different topics. By familiarizing themselves with the pairing scheme, students can focus their efforts on important areas of the syllabus, enhancing their chances of success in the examination.They are provided before the annual examinations. Students are suggested to practice for their exams according to the paper scheme. A paper scheme consists of important questions and chapters that students should focus on.

How to Use the Class 11 paper scheme?

  • Select the chapters that you have prepared the best.
  • See how these chapters are paired with each other in the pairing scheme
  • Once you see the pairing, prepare the chapters according to this pairing.
  • Prepare the most important questions from these selected chapters.
  • Do all the short questions from the selected chapters.
  • Unfortunately, this pairing scheme might not be efficient for preparing MCQs.

Official 1st year Elective Islamiat Paper Pairing Scheme 2023

If you are looking for 1st year Islamiat Elective Paper scheme 2023 you have come to the right place, the paper scheme will help you focus on the important parts of your subject that you will expect to see in the examination.With the help of a paper scheme student’s burden is lessened.Throughout the year they have to retain numerous sets of information and knowledge, but with the help of Islamiat (elective) assessment scheme 2023 they can get unorganized information into clear categories and become aware of what they can expect in their examination.Some students ask, “What is the use of Islamiat 1st year paper scheme for Punjab board?” Well, to answer this aptly, there are many reasons to use 11th class Islamiat pairing scheme 2023.

11th Class Elective Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023

Below is the detail of the Pairing Scheme for all Punjab Board 1st-year Islamiat (Compulsory).

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Below are mentioned the number of MCQs from each chapter of 1st-year Islamiat (Compulsory).

11th class Islamiat (Compulsory) ChaptersNo of MCQs
سورتالانفال 4
احادیث 2
موضوعاتی مطالعہ4

Short Questions

Question #2:  (Attempt Any 06 questions out of 09)

11th class Islamiat (Compulsory) ChaptersNo of Question
سورۃ انفال9

Question #3: (Attempt Any 06 questions out of 09)

11th class Islamiat (Compulsory) ChaptersNo of Question
احادیث 3
موضوعاتی مطالعہ6



ChapterLong Question
تین میں سے کسی ایک آیت کا ترجمہ1


ChapterLong Question
ایک حدیث کا ترجمہ اور تشریح1


ChapterLong Question
ایک موضوع پر جامع نوٹ1

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Annual Exam 1st year Elective Islamiat Paper Pairing Scheme 2023

One of the reasons is to revise the syllabus thoroughly. Throughout the year, students have to retain diverse sets of information about various subjects which poses difficulty to clearly remember which topics are important, how many short questions will be tested on the exam from a particular topic, or what long questions will inevitably be tested etc. The Islamiat assessment scheme 2023 informs students exactly what they need to study for their exam to succeed with flying colors.Accompanying your study sessions with 11th class Islamiat paper scheme 2023 will be fruitful because you will know how much effort is required of you to study. You do not want to spend hours on topics that are not included in the exam and waste your precious time.

View Online 1st year Elective Islamiat Paper Pairing Scheme 2023

Study smartly and effectively with Lahore board assessment scheme 2023. Utilize this time to your advantage and practice Islamiat past papers with a detailed assessment scheme. Practicing past papers is important to clarify concepts and scientifically it has been proven that examining/testing topics yourself can help you remember more. Pairing assessment schemes with thorough revision and past paper practice can improve your scores dramatically.This assessment scheme 2023 is the same for all Punjab Boards, including Multan board, Rawalpindi board, and Sargodha board etc. Below, you can find attached the pairing scheme for Islamiat for the academic year of 2023.

Detail About Pairing Scheme

  • Multiple-choice questions are of one mark each and the numbers of questions are different from subject to subject.
  • Short questions are of 02 marks and the numbers of short questions also vary from subject to subject.
  • Long questions are comprised of two parts and the marks and number of long questions are different for different subjects.
  • Generally, almost all the subjects are divided into three sections and these sections are comprised of multiple-choice questions, MCQs, short questions, and long questions, etc.

Download 1st year Elective Islamiat Paper Pairing Scheme 2023

Our website offers Islamiat past papers that you can access right now through your computer or any smart device.The purpose of Islamiat (elective) is to convey an understanding of Islam, its history, culture, and contribution to civilization. The primary goal of Islamiat (elective) is to inform students the importance of Islam, its beginning, adopting it as a way of life, and to enhance their understanding of Islam.It comprises of law of Islam (Sharia), the social system, and principles of morality in Islam.Islamiat elective passes the heritage of Islamic knowledge through the Quran and Sunnah.Paper schemes are an important part for student’s preparation for their annual examinations. Educational boards provide students with paper scheme of different subjects to help them score an A+ grade.

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