9th Class Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

The students have also prepared for the practical part apart from the theoretical portions. The details regarding the practical part of each chapter are also mentioned in the syllabus. 9th class exams are approaching, to facilitate the students the board authorities offer the pairing scheme for proper preparation of all subjects to understand paper pattern. 9th Physics usually considered very complex and students are being worried for the preparation. The main purpose of  9th Class Physics pairing scheme 2023 All Punjab Boards is to make the candidates aware of paper pattern of 9th Class Physics that will be followed in annual exams of 9th Class Physics.

9th Class Physics Pairing Scheme 2023


CHAPTERS                  MCQs                                         CHAPTERS             MCQ’s

CHAPTER# 1:            2 MCQs                                       CHAPTER# 2:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER# 3:            1 MCQs                                       CHAPTER# 4:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER# 5:            2 MCQs                                       CHAPTER# 6:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER# 7:            1 MCQs                                       CHAPTER# 8:        1 MCQs

CHAPTER# 9:            2 MCQs


Question #2:                                      (Attempt any five Questions)

CHAPTER # 1, Short Questions:

CHAPTER # 2,               Short Questions: 3

CHAPTER # 3,               Short Questions: 2

Question # 3:                                     (Attempt any five Questions)

CHAPTER # 4,               Short Questions: 3

CHAPTER # 5,               Short Questions: 2

CHAPTER # 6,               Short Questions: 3

Question #4:                                     (Attempt any five Questions)

CHAPTER # 7,                Short Questions: 3                  

CHAPTER # 8,                Short Questions: 2

CHAPTER # 9,                Short Questions: 3


Q#5 (a) 2 (Numerical/ [Most probably Numerical] / Theory), (b) 3 (Numerical / Theory)

Q#6 (a) 4 (Numerical/ [Most probably Numerical] / Theory), (b) 6 (Numerical / Theory)

Q#7 (a) 7 (Numerical/ [Most probably Numerical] / Theory), (b) 8 (Numerical / Theory)

Note: Attempt any 2 Questions Out of 3

Theory =             4 Marks                                  Numerical =                    5 Marks

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Physics Paper pattern class 9 will provide an overview of the types of questions that are likely to appear on the exam, the distribution of marks for each section, and other important details about the exam format. Having access to the physics paper scheme for federal board students is essential for preparing effectively for the exam and familiarizing oneself with the expectations of the Federal Board.The scheme of 9th class 2023 physics would provide insight into the types of questions, marks distribution, and other important details about the physics exam that students will be taking, allowing them to prepare effectively and familiarize themselves with the format.

9 Class Marks Distribution ( Science Group )
Sr.No Subjects Objective Subjective
Total Marks
1English 19 5×2=10 46 75
2Urdu 155×2=105075
3Islamiat Compulsory 10×1=1012×2=241650
4Pak Studies 10×1=1012×2=241650
5Mathematics 15×1=1518×2=368×3=2475
6Physics 12×1=1215×2=309×2=1860
7Chemistry 12×1=1215×2=309×2=1860
8Biology 12×1=1215×2=309×2=1860
9Computer Science 10×1=1012×2=248×2=1650

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The information is specifically tailored to students studying under the Federal Board, ensuring that it is relevant and applicable to their particular curriculum and educational requirements.Before the preparation of the 9th class annual exams 2023, one of the most important things to consider is the pairing scheme. The Board assures to provide the Physics scheme 9th class 2023 to the students to assist them in their preparation for the annual exams. The topics included in the 9th class physics paper scheme 2023 are Physical Quantities and Measurement, Kinematics, Dynamics, Turning Effect of Force, Gravitation, Work and Energy, Properties of Matter, Thermal Properties of Matter, Transfer of Heat.

How to Use the Class 9 paper scheme?

  • Select the chapters that you have prepared the best.
  • See how these chapters are paired with each other in the pairing scheme
  • Once you see the pairing, prepare the chapters according to this pairing.
  • Prepare the most important questions from these selected chapters.
  • Do all the short questions from the selected chapters.
  • Unfortunately, this pairing scheme might not be efficient for preparing MCQs.

Information About 9th Class Pairing Scheme

Students who have a complete idea about paper schemes/assessment schemes can prepare the paper or a particular subject in such a manner that at first, they would prepare those questions with having maximum marks. Then they would look for the questions that are of least worth. Similarly, students would attempt the questions in the paper with the maximum marks to secure good marks during attempting the paper.

  • Multiple-choice questions are of one mark each and the numbers of questions are different from subject to subject.
  • Short questions are of 02 marks and the numbers of short questions also vary from subject to subject.
  • Long questions are comprised of two parts and the marks and number of long questions are different for different subjects.
  • Generally, almost all the subjects are divided into three sections and these sections are comprised of multiple-choice questions, MCQs, short questions, and long questions, etc.

Official 9th Class Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

The candidates are required to check pairing scheme of 9th class 2023 physics with the division of the questions for each chapter and then devise the preparation plan according to it.Here is 9th class physics scheme 2023 for the Gujranwala board, Lahore board, Multan board and Faisalabad board. The annual papers of 9th class are now going to start 15 days earlier. The boards will take 9th class exams in 2023. The pairing schemes and paper schemes have been announced by the board.For the convenience of the students the 9th class physics pairing scheme 2023 is mentioned here will the complete details that allow the students to learn about the topics and chapters included in the 9th syllabus.

Physics Paper Pattern of 9th Class 2023 

Objective TypeSubjective Type
Total Marks12Total Marks48
Time Allowed15  minutesTime Allowed1:45 hrs
Number of MCQs12Number of Questions5
Distribution of MarksEach MCQ of 1 markDistribution of MarksAttempt 5 short questions out of 8 having 10 marks
Total12 MCQs Attempt 5 short questions out of 8 having 10 marks
   Attempt 5 short questions out of 8 having 10 marks
   Attempt 2 long questions out of 3 having 18 marks. Each question has 9 marks.
  Total48 marks

Note: Theoretical paper consists of 60 marks. 15 marks are of practical which will be conducted along with matriculation exams.

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